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  • Laura MacNeil Smith

So Long Summer, Hello School

It’s almost that time of the year again! School books and backpacks are beginning to show up in the market. Tailors have started getting busy sewing brightly colored and patterned uniforms. The students are soaking up their last bit of freedom before school starts. The air is filled with a mixture of anticipation and sadness as summer is coming to a close and September is just around the corner. Here at The CAMP, we’re excited for all that this new school year will bring and starting to gear up for our Scholarship Program to begin its second year!

Education is one of our main ministry focuses here at The CAMP. We wholeheartedly believe in every child’s right to an access to good education. However, with the majority of schools in Haiti being private and requiring tuition, school can be a huge financial burden. We have seen far too many students drop out before graduating high school because of the cost of going to school.

Some students start attending school as young as two or three years old here in Haiti and it is not uncommon to see Kindergarten and Elementary classes filled to the brim! However, as students advance each year, it gets harder and harder to stay in school. Only a small percentage of students actually make it to graduation. This is why it was so important for us here at The CAMP to focus on scholarships specifically for high school students. We want to see them succeed. We want to see them graduate.

School sponsorship is one of the best ways to make a positive imp

act in someone’s life. It not only affects the life of the student, but it helps their families as a whole advance too. Last year, we watched our scholarship students flourish, as they were able to put all their energy and focus into doing well in their classes, instead of worrying about how they were going to make their next tuition payment. Suddenly, their dreams of becoming engineers or entrepreneurs or even continuing on to university abroad were not lofty goals. They are very real possibilities for the course of their lives! What a beautiful thing it was to watch their self confidence and hope for the future unfold!

This year, we are SO excited to continue growing the Scholarship Program! Along with our students and sponsors who are continuing on from last year, we are hoping to add four new bright and talented students from our community. To qualify for a scholarship, the students commit to sending 3 sponsor update letters and to continue to give back to their community throughout the year. The cost of sponsorship for each student is $450 (usd), which can be paid through a tax deductible one time payment or in quarterly installments. This includes money for tuition, school supplies, books and uniforms. We know this is a pretty big goal and we cannot do it without your help! If you, your church or your small group is interested in sponsoring one of these amazing young students, please contact us to learn about which students are available for sponsorship.

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